What's a Chach-Key?

Chach-Keys are a unique item designed to show your personality and mood. With almost 100 interchangeable charms no two are alike.  Chach-Key is the original charm holding key chain and necklace.  We've been around since 2008 and the Chach-Key is patented.  Check out our website!  First stop is picking your container (color and style) you will then pick out your charms; then go to the order page and you will be on your way. 

Create your own, the Container and 3 charms are only $15.

About Us

True Chach-Key Story

   Chach-Keys are the brainchild of Scott & Lisa Charles.  The Chach-Key (US pat# D635,483) is different and there's nothing like it, ANYWHERE!

The ideas was to invent a product that was unique and fun for all ages.  Scott & Lisa set out to find a new way for schools to raise money.  They have five (YES, 5!)  of their own and were inundated wrapping paper, candles, cookie dough, etc.  The Chach-Key was born out of necessity. 

The question we get more than any other is "How did you come up with the name?".  The word Tchotchkey is Yiddish for trinket, knickknack or inexpensive souvenir.  That pretty much described what we had invented, so we changed the word and used the word "key" at the end as it's primarily use is as a key tag, thus Chach-Key.

It's one of a kind

The Chach-Key is a tangible product can be used as a keepsake when it's primary use is over.  Dad can have a charm for each of his kids on his key chain, Grandparents can hold icons of their beloved grandchildren and kids can use this unique item as a backpack tag or a zipper pull.

What's in your Chach-Key?

Since you make your own Chach-Key and customize it yourself, this is truly a one of a kind gift.  Charms can be added or replaced depending on your mood.  With over 100 charms it truly is a gift that keeps giving.  We have NFL team charms as we are licensed by the NFL.

Make your own Chach-Key


Pick the color of your container.  We have Black, Blue, Green, Pink, and White.

Pick your Charms

Pick any 3 Charms you want as the Chach-Key comes with 3.  Each additional charm is $3.50

Necklace or Key Chain?

Figure out if you want a necklace (plumbers chain or black leatherette) or you want a Key Chain or Backpack tag.


Email us on the Contact page letting us know the color of container, your charms and whether you want a necklace or key chain.  Be sure to include your shipping address.  We will send you a confirmation email and a total, then you can go to the Buy Now page on our website.

We also do parties

We do parties and offer items for events.  If you want to do Chach-Key at your party, we can send you a kit or we can show up and make them for you.  Contact us!

Contact Us

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Chach-Key plus 3 charms


($2.50 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Pick the color of container, pick three (3) charms and let us know if you want it as a necklace or a key-chain.